Let´s find out what is the project day really about!

What is the project about?

The playful project “Climate Rules” was created by Nvias in 2020 inspired by the board game “Climater Rulers”. Since ten, Nvias has shared this experience with primary and secondary school students in the Czech Republic with their partner Bridge Academy. This year, Deloitte CE has joined the partnership to expand the project to an international level across the Central Europe Region, funded by the Erasmus+ Program. This year, for the first time, we will involve twenty-five schools from five countries.


Our purpose

We want to motivate young people to become leaders of sustainability, with the opportunity to use modern technologies that solve climate and social issues. The project aims to kick-start a learning society with global cooperation and joint learning in the areas of climate change, sustainable development, digital opportunities, and entrepreneurship. The “Climate Rules” experience prepares students to drive change in their school communities and foster global ambitions for a better , more inclusive, and sustainable world.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for secondary schools that are interested in developing the skills of their students and faculty, working with technology and, to some extent, want to promote a culture of sustainability in the school community and its surroundings.

In every school, we are looking for young enthusiasts for technology, politics and economics, and the environment who enjoy working in a team and exploring new ways of education. Students should also be able to speak a level of English that allows them to participate in all project activities.

2022 Timeline

APRIL - Confirmation of your interest

We are already receiving applications for 2023 season. Complete the questionnaire by clicking on this link  Climate Rules Assessment (

If you have further questions, please contact Mr. Jakub Šajben (

MAY - Creation of "Climate Action" team

Each team consists of five students, one teacher and the school principal of their appointed representative.

Diverse teams are more productive and efficient, so we recommend reaching out to a wide range of students from different grades, gender, interests, etc.

JUNE – DECEMBER – Local Project Day

Five teams from five schools will travel to a local Deloitte office/another partner office, where all project partners facilitate the “Climate Rules” game. During the day, each student builds awareness about climate change and global challenges, builds confidence to take action, and develops key skills for the future. More information at Climate Rules – Project Based Education on Climate Change.

FEBRUARY – International Summit

All participating schools will meet for the final conference in the Deloitte 3D Virtual environment.

Winning team from each country will present their strategies for sustainable development, network with like-minded students, and learn how to bring their new understanding of Climate Change to their school, families, and community.

During a small workshop, each “Climate Action” team creates an approach that can make their school a more sustainable and inclusive learning environment for all students. See to learn more about virtual worlds.

2023 – Developing a Culture of Sustainability in The School Community

Through the Project Day and the International Summit, students gain a global awareness of the impact of climate change and human behaviour. With new skills, confidence, and the support of the school principal and faculty, students become ambassadors for change in their community. Inspired by the UNESCO whole-school approach to climate action and with the support of all project partners, every school can begin to build a culture of sustainability in all areas of school life.

Day in Deloitte

One team from each country will have the opportunity to visit the local Deloitte office once again and experience what it is like working in a global company.

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